Sonata – 65-channel polysomnography Sonata is a modern, attractive polysomnography system based on AASM criteria, representing the state of the art with its maximum flexibility and extensive performance range. With 65 channels, an attractive design, integrated WiFi functionality and flexible sensor system, applications and use, it is the ideal partner for polysomnographic examinations of the […]

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BiLevel ST with adjustable target volume and High Flow Therapy option The new prisma30ST-HFT is the therapy device of choice for treatment of patients with Sleep-Disordered Breathing, chronic reduced respiratory drive and respiratory insufficiency. Equipped with a variety of BiLevel options, target volume, backup frequencies and High Flow option, prisma30ST-HFT provides effective ventilation support that […]

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With Scala Löwenstein Medical offers the most extensive polygraphy device in the company‘s history and rings in a new era in polygraphy.  Scala is primarily a standard polygraphy device for the detection of Sleep-Disordered Breathing. Furthermore, within the standard delivery Scala offers many possible uses at no extra cost for treatment of different user groups – all in one device. […]

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AIR FOR AN ACTIVE LIFE Breathe in, breathe out. We take breathing for granted. Most people don’t have to give it a thought. Now with LUISA that goes for ventilation patients too. Our innovation is especially mobile, compact and lightweight. It works in a horizontal or vertical position and can be attached flexibly to a […]

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prisma CLOUD

Telehealth with prisma CLOUD: Simple. Flexible. Secure. Our Telemedicine Solution for You and Your Patients With prisma CLOUD you can manage your patients’treatment simply, flexibly and securely. Let us support you so that you can concentrate on what’s most important – the optimum care of your patients. prisma CLOUD automatically ensures that you have access to all relevant therapy parameters […]

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prisma JOURNAL

Personal. Informative. At a glance. The prisma JOURNAL helps patients and caregivers with fast and simple management of CPAP or APAP therapy. The user can conveniently display all data recorded over the course of treatment, obtain information about sleep quality, create a print version of the therapy overview and call up many other functions. The […]

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CARA Full Face

Now comfort for full-face mask wearers too The new CARA Full Face now offers all full-face mask wearers the comfort of the successful CARA nasal mask and completes the CARA family. Experience the perfect fit, high wearing comfort, easy and quiet exhalation and good skin compatibility.  Check out the mask’s lightness, adjustability,  the soft, supple […]

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prisma VENT50-C

prisma VENT50-C – The best care always. The prisma VENT50-C ventilator is equipped with High-Flow Therapy (HFT) mode in addition to all the other features available in prisma VENT50. In HFT mode the device provides a constant flow of five to 60 liters per minute. An oxygen feed also can be added. The flow of […]

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Allegra M30

Your benefits at a glance. ■ Safe and simple handling – ideal for the homecare market ■ Exceptionally economical – clever reprocessing procedures ■ Highly mobile – simple battery operation ■ Well-engineered design – robust, durable, impact-resistant Reusable and disposable canister sets are available for suctioning.

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prisma VENT AQUA

prisma VENT AQUA – Active humidification in non-invasive ventilation The prisma VENT AQUA is a respiratory gas humidifier for non-invasive ventilation. The device automatically detects the connection to a heated hose system and temperature sensor and starts up in the corresponding mode. The easy-to-use prisma VENT AQUA is equipped with an extensive alarm management system. […]

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